So we all know that I am about skin preservation, wrinkle reduction and not wanting to look old. So I am always looking for great skin care products. New U Med Spa has turned me on to an amazing line of products.

I am the kind of person that has used the same department store production for years. I would branch out from time to time but never straying to far. I have always heard about med spa products but always thought they were too expensive.

Since I have started going to New U Med Spa,

I have been amazed with PCA Skin Products. They don't cost any more than certain creams and serums that you find at those department stores and I have actually seen a major difference.

My skin is so much softer and defined. Also with the process of facials and skin treatments I have been able to see the damage and imperfections with my skin. But also with these great treatments and products, we have been able to start to repair the damage.

New U Med Spa is located in Caldara Plaza, on Caldara Blvd in Midland. You can call them today 432-699-2637!