As Hillary Scott's summer due date approaches, fan favorite trio Lady Antebellum have revealed that they will remain committed to promoting their successful career and new album 'Golden,' even after the baby girl joins their entourage. 

While they plan on taking a short break, Lady A have big plans for the future, and they include staying present within the country music scene. Bandmate Charles Kelley tells Billboard, "We'll kind of keep ourselves out and about enough to stay in front and not let people forget about us too much."

Fans will have a lot to look forward to, as Lady A promises to continue unveiling new projects, including new videos. If 'Downtown,' the album's first single, and 'Goodbye Town,' the second video from 'Golden,' are any indication, they'll not only produce stellar material; they'll also show their endless versatility.

Kelley adds, "As a band, it's good to step off for a little bit so people don't get too sick of you, anyway. You've got to make time for life...part of the next chapter in Lady Antebellum is having kids, but I think we'll find a way to make everything work out."

The most difficult challenge of this new season is the unpredictable nature that pregnancy presents, as Lady A had to cancel several shows because of Scott's impending due date. "We hated to cancel the shows, first and foremost," Kelley acknowledges. "But we'll make them all up. We already have plans for once Hillary gets settled in with the baby. The fall of next year there'll be a ton of touring for us. We'll make up for (being away)."

Fans can breathe easily as Lady A are here to stay and ready to tackle challenges as they come. Although the next few months may be a little quiet, you can expect them to be churning out hits long after Baby Scott outgrows her newborn clothes.