"I feel like I'm starting over, even though I've had all these years behind me," LeAnn Rimes tells Katie Couric in an interview that will air later this week during 'All Access Nashville,' a '20/20' special edition.

One day after celebrating her 30th birthday, Rimes voluntarily checked herself into an in-patient rehabilitation center for 30 days. At the time, the singer said she was dealing with anxiety and stress issues. “Sometimes when I look in the mirror, I see a child then I look and see a woman who should be turning 60,” she said at the time of what prompted her stay. “I’ve always taken care of anyone else, and I think I’ve buried some issues for a long time.”

Judging from Rimes' comments to Couric, it seems that she is appreciating her newfound outlook on life. She admits it was hard for others around her to understand her distress, as it would appear her life is going well from the outside looking in. "How many people get to (start) over again in this day and age?" Rimes asks. "People look at you and go why are you struggling?…No one can quite understand why you hurt so badly."

At least one source of the 'Blue' hitmaker's anxiety is obvious, as she is still dealing with a lawsuit she brought against teacher Kimberly Smiley, who recorded a phone call without the singer's consent and then posted the call online -- what Rimes says is an invasion of her privacy. Smiley, who has had trouble raising funds for her defense and finding a lawyer, has requested an extension in the case.