I am sitting here in my office this afternoon I decided to turn on Gary Allan. The song that came on was "Life Ain't Always Beautiful." I was sitting here listening to the words and they are so true. No life is not always beautiful  but it truly is a beautiful ride. Life sometimes comes and goes but at least we get to live it. Things in life might seem hard but we have been given another day. Sometimes we don't won't to get up and go to work but at least we have a job to go to. Sometimes I don't want to put make up on but I had the money to buy the make up to put on. We get so caught up in the business of life and we forget to be thankful for the small stuff. When the alarm goes off and we complain about having to get up, at least we have the opportunity to get up. We are all running so fast we forget to take time for the important things. So no life is not always beautiful but it is  a beautiful ride. And I'm thankful  I'm still here to ride it. No matter what you are going through always remember every storm runs out of rain and the sun always shines after the rain.