Life is short! Most of the time when we hear that we just think oh that's just a cliche. Today the seriousness of that statement was brought to my attention. Earlier today I learned that a girl I went to high school with, went to church with, hung out with from time to time was killed. She was so young , just a few years younger than myself. She was someone's wife, daughter, sister, aunt, granddaughter, and friend to many.

When she started out her day yesterday she had no idea it would be her last. She was just going to take quick trip for work. Climbed into a helicopter and headed out, even posting pictures to her facebook from the air. Little did anyone know it would be the last trip she would ever take. The bible says we are not promised tomorrow, so if we make it to tomorrow, its truly a gift.  I saw today how true that is. It made me realize that any minute could be our last.

Not to make this about me, but it made me think. I know my soul would be ready to meet the Lord, but I wouldn't be ready to leave this world and leave everyone behind. I encourage you today to cherish each moment. Grab your family, your kids, and your friends. Tell them that you love them. Don't get caught up on small thing that don't matter. Show them what they mean to you. Once again we are not promised tomorrow, so cherish today!


To the family of Kaci Loffler Fairchild, my thoughts, prayers and deepest sympathies are with you tonight.