Luke Bryan broke his collarbone during a 28-mile bike ride with a friend in early October, but the "Move" singer admits that he has ignored his doctor's orders to stay in a sling for three weeks, due to his busy touring schedule.

"When you break your daggum collar bone, and you’re a singer, and when you don’t necessarily follow all of the doctor’s orders, like, ‘Be in a sling for three weeks,’ not three days," he says in a recent interview (quote via KASE 101). "I can’t be up there in a sling doing what I’m trying to do. I mean, to shake? The sling was counterbalancing me."

Thankfully, Bryan seems to be having no trouble moving and shaking throughout his concerts, especially now that he's sans sling.

At his Farm Tour stop in Elizabethtown, Ky., the singer shared with media that he's pretty new to cycling, having started just a few months ago. While he usually rides by himself, he says he was riding with an experienced friend on Oct. 6 when he fell off his bike. The two friends were at the last two miles of the nearly 30-mile trek when they decided to relax and enjoy the ride. As they were chatting, Bryan rode off the the road, and when he tried to pull the bike back on the cement, he crashed. Bryan wore a sling during his set that night and underwent surgery three days later, filling fans in on his well being via pictures on his social media pages.

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