Congratulations to Luke Bryan for winning Entertainer of the Year.

I absolutely love it when someone so genuine wins an award. Luke's reaction to winning Entertainer of the Year was priceless. He was so excited.

It pays to work social media! At the CMA's the Entertainer of the year award is chosen by the CMA. At the ACM awards it is fan voted. Luke has been working social media and all media outlets like a son of a gun. He was on Ellen, The Talk, Insider, plus blowing up  facebook and twitter.

Bryan told PEOPLE, "I just feel I'm blessed and lucky to be here. At any point in my life, one thing could have sent me down another path, and I wouldn't have moved to Nashville. So every second in this business, I'm going to take it with a smile and enjoy it."  PEOPLE

Congrats to Luke Bryan! If you missed his reaction here it is below.