The highly anticipated sequel to Magic Mike, Magic Mike XXL lacked it's magic! Everyone knows I am the biggest Channing Tatum fan but I can't give this movie props!

Channing Tatum returns to play his sexy dancing character, the bad part is that's all he is, a dancer. Channing Tatum only strips one time! Isn't that what the movie is supposed to be about.

The real stars of the show were Joe Mangenello' character, and Jada Pinkett Smith.

They made a lot of hype about Micheal Strahan being in the movie and he's only in for 30 seconds.

My over all feelings about Magic Mike XXL are meh....! The movie moved really slow and there wasn't enough naked Channing Tatum! LOL  The other thing about the movie I didn't care for was the language. There is just no reason to curse that much. I liked the first one better!