MARC is selling their greenhouse and all supplies that go with it this morning at 10 am.

Proceeds Benefit MARC and Individuals with Disabilities
Tuesday, November 4 · 10:00 a.m.
5400 N. County Rd. 1255 (also known as Trobaugh Blvd.)
(North end of Trobaugh Blvd. at Saddle Club Ranch Estates north of Briarwood)

2-bay 44’x128’ gutter connect
Clean Burn 500 oil burner
110 gal. water heater
Big Cat cement mixer
(7) 4 cu. Ft. bags of Perlite
(2) Dayton over-door air curtains
Plastic utility wash basin
(10) bags Potassium Nitrate
(3) bags Calcium Nitrate
(2) 500-gal. oil storage tanks
LanAir MXD 200 waste oil heater
215 gal. waste oil tank
1,000 gal. water storage tank
(6) 20” HAF fans
RO system
(4) 55-gal. plastic nutrient tanks (3)
iGrow 1400 control systems
(2) Nutrient Injection Delivery
8’ folding table
Trash cans
(2) Modine propane heaters
(2) old propane heaters machine
(2) Glacier-Cor Evaporative Wet
Wall Pad
(2) Bato Dutch Bucket Systems
12’x20’ cold room
Food storage crates
(21) shopping baskets
(2) Frigidaire 8000 BTU window
(7) chrome wire 5-shelf racks
(1) black wire 5-shelf rack
Lots of bags of individual nutrients
20’ container
Liquid nutrient mixes
(6) bags Magnesium Sulphate
(1) Frigidaire 12,000 BTU window
Pump parts
Ag chemicals
(1) Modine 30,000 BTU heater
(2) 6’ folding tables
Nursery wagon
Miscellaneous tools and parts
(2) 8’ stainless steel tables
LanAir MXD 250 waste oil heater
215-gal. LanAir oil tank
(4) 20” HAF fans
10’x12’ greenhouse
Plastic greenhouse panels
Misc Parts and fittings for Bato
Bucket System
(5) pallets cardboard tomato trays
Liberty Pump 50-gal. sump pump
and tank
Thompson vibrating pecan shelling
Coats 5045 Rim Clamp Tire Changer
6.0 HP pressure washer
(doesn’t work)
Craftsman push mower
(doesn’t work)
92”X 20’ travel trailer
53½”x 95 3/8” horse trailer
2XL life jacket
Folding lawn chairs
(3) heavy metal shelves
12’x32’ storage building
2006 Ford 12-passenger van (as is)
2004 Ford Focus (as is)
1998 Ford minivan (driveable)
2000 Ford Windstar LX minivan (as is)
2002 Ford Windstar LX minivan (as is)
1997 Ford 15-passenger van (as is)

For additional description of Greenhouse equipment and systems