As of February 1st, the speed limit is changing on I-20 in Midland and Ector Counties. The Texas Transportation Commission approved late last year the speed limit change between Hwy 1208 and Moss Road. It covers a span of 38 miles.

After numerous fatalities and numerous complaints TXDOT began their own investigations of the area, by conducting speed tests.

"This was an area that we saw a crash rate that was above the state average for similar roadways," said Gene Powell, public information officer for the Odessa District with TXDOT said.

In conclusion to their study, TXDOT decided to seek out a reduction from the current speed of 75 to 65 miles per hour.

"Our goal is a safer corridor for motorists. We hope that people obey the speed limit. We hope it will help bring the crash rate down and make it an easy and safer corridor to travel through,"

This of course is an effort to make I-20 a safer road to travel on. So remember beginning February  1st., you will have slow it down.