Miranda Lambert insists that she and Blake Shelton, whom she married in 2011, still aren't planning to start a family anytime soon. The reason? Hectic schedules.

"I don't want to raise a child on a bus or in L.A. I want to be a little more settled," she says in the new cover issue of Good Housekeeping. "Part of me thinks I should try to plan it, and part of me thinks God has a plan for my life, so why would I ever try to maneuver that?"

While Lambert just finished up her On Fire Tour with Chris Young and Jerrod Niemann, Shelton is in Los Angeles filming the current season of 'The Voice.' "We've been married almost a year and a half, but have only been in the same place together for about five months," the 'Over You' singer explains. "At this rate, we'll be newlyweds for three years."

The couple currently have separate farms in Oklahoma, located mere minutes from each other - -a setup she says "will probably keep us married longer," before adding that they dream of having a home they can call "our place."

Lambert even has some specific requests in mind if the couple ever decides to build their dream home. "The first thing I'm going to say to the contractor is, 'I want two separate toilets and a urinal,'" she says cheerily. No more fighting over leaving the toilet seat down, that's for sure. "I think it's brilliant, if I do say so myself," she adds.

But Lambert's ultimate long-range plans have nothing to do with home specifications. "I can't wait to be looking back 10 years from now and seeing how far we've come and how much we've grown, what we've made it through and what we still have to go through," she says, opening up. "It's a life's work. We're going to get to know each other so much more as time goes by, because we're going to get to know ourselves."

With an outlook like that, there should be a long future for these newlyweds.