Touring for months on end can get tiring for anyone, even the world's biggest superstars, but Kenny Chesney helped fellow country singer Miranda Lambert learn an important lesson in touring and spirit -- and it's one she still follows to this day.

"When I was on the Kenny tour,” she tells WWGP, “his crowd and his crew and his everybody has his spirit, which is, ‘I love my job. I love what I do. This should be fun. This is entertainment.’ It’s just his great spirit and love of the beach and love of relaxing and having a margarita leaks throughout the entire camp, therefore throughout the entire tour to the person on the back row of the stadium, and that’s what’s important.”

It's easy to picture Lambert, armed with a bubbly, energetic, and sassy personality, focusing on making her tours a good time. From her glammed-out tour bus to her exciting opening acts, it sounds like her 2014 Platinum Tour will certainly have spirit.

“The people I’m taking on the tour this year are people I’ve been out with before. I’m kind of a creature of habit. I get real comfortable. Like, I was just with Dierks [Bentley] last year, and we’ve been on tour three or four times together,” she laughs. “It’s Justin Moore and Thomas Rhett. I love them to death. They’re both great guys.”

Holding onto Chesney's philosophy, her commitment to a positive and inspiring tour environment even translates to behind the curtain, says Lambert. “A lot of it’s about how it feels backstage, too, because as much as you say you leave it back there and don’t bring it on the stage, there’s a feeling about the whole package, the whole process and what it feels like,” she says. “And a tour can have a whole vibe. I think the crowd can feel that.”

Her tour runs through Sept. 20, where she will play the last show in Honolulu, Hawaii. Then, maybe the 'Somethin' Bad' hitmaker can take another cue from Chesney and disappear to a secluded, relaxing island for a few months to catch her breath.

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