It doesn't seem like it would be possible for a country singer to capture his or her personality in a simple lyric video. But somehow, Miranda Lambert overcame the odds when she released a quirky video that spells out every word to her tune 'Mama's Broken Heart.'

Although we're pretty sure the words in the video aren't written in Lambert's own handwriting, the scrawling black letters and important words capitalized in bold, red writing match up with the fun. but dramatic, tone of the song. The video is also scattered with snippets of eyeshadow, lipstick and powder, a girl looking in the mirror, dancing flames, bullet shells and a string of pearls that hammer home the theatrical nature of the tune.

'Mama's Broken Heart' is the fourth single from Lambert's 2011 album, 'Four the Record.' However, the fact that it wasn't her first release doesn't mean it isn't one of her favorite songs on the record. Lambert told Taste of Country that this is the one song on the album that she absolutely can't live without because she relates so closely to the main character in the song.

"I just thought it was so unique," she explains. "When a song hits me like, 'Man, I wish I would have written that,' then I know that it’s special."

Somehow, the word-heavy 'Mama's Broken Heart' lyric video is the perfect reminder that sometimes, breakups can drive a scorned lover a little bit crazy. And when that happens, you have to put your face back on and fake it until you make it, so to speak.