While many fans would assume that country music's leading ladies would be fiercely competitive with one another, Miranda Lambert recently dismissed those assumptions, saying she would really appreciate collaborating musically with fellow blonde starlets Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood

The 'Over You' singer tells OMG Yahoo, "There is room for [all of] us three [in country music]. We are all three different [types] of country -- well Taylor’s kind of all over everywhere -- but I think it would be cool for the three of us to collaborate.”

That's the open-hearted kind of attitude one would expect Lambert to have, as her sweet smile and outgoing attitude make it easy to believe that she's everyone's best friend.

Lambert also cheerfully admits that she loves girl power, especially within the genre. “I say the more the merrier! It’s not competition," she assures, adding, "It makes us all look better to help each other.” While we haven't heard what Swift or Underwood feel about the so-called competition, we know what Lambert (who is out on her Locked and Reloaded Tour with Dierks Bentley) thinks about her fellow ladies in country.

The three beautiful blondes are all nominated for 2013 Grammys, so we'll see them bring their girl power to music's biggest night on Feb. 10. Here's to hoping they'll all be sporting a new accessory (in the form of a trophy) at the end of the evening.