As of today, I am on my second day of being 33 years old. By now you would think that I was old enough to know better but, I guess not. I ran out of gas this morning on the way to work and was stranded on the side of 191

Yesterday on my way home from work my gas light came on. When it came on it said I had 43 more miles. I ran around a little bit last night but I didn't think that much. Last night after dinner I had to run to the pharmacy and had planned to get gas on the way home. In the mean time my Nanny called to tell me happy birthday and I totally forgot about getting gas.

When I got in my car this morning my gas light was on but I thought surely, I haven't been 43 miles. WRONG!!!! It about half a mile from the 1275 exit and my cruise kicks off my car starts acting funny and then I realize, I have run out of gas. I change lanes and get on the shoulder and I am trying to make it to the service road. NOPE! Doesn't happen and now, I am stuck on the side of 191.

I call the guys at the station and thankfully Spencer Bennett has a tow rope and he comes and tows me back to the station.

My car and I are here at the station safe and sound. First of all I have never run out of gas and second I have never been towed like that.

Now can someone come and put gas in my car!? PLEASE!