Well, last weekend was the prom and I haven't had a chance this week to give you the lowdown on how things went for Shopgirl (my eHarmony girl from Austin) and I.


She came in Saturday afternoon and I took her for drinks and then out to dinner.  I drove her downtown and to Midland Center where the prom was in full swing by the time we arrived.  I had pre-warned her that my radio friends are kind of crazy!  But she got along with them very well.  And I have to say that my Townsquare family all made her feel very welcome.


We went twice to have our pictures taken by the photographer.  And, yes, we danced.  To be honest, we only danced one dance because, well, I'm just not a great dancer.  But we danced to Brooks & Dunn's "Neon Moon."  Though I'm not a good dancer, it felt very natural having her in my arms and I'll be honest, I was swooning.


After the prom, I dropped her back off at her hotel.  Sunday, we went to church, ate lunch, sat out by the duck pond in Midland for an hour or so, went to friends for dinner and finally wrapped up the day by sitting in my backyard and looking at the West Texas stars.


It was just about a perfect weekend.  I say just about because with all of the flooding in Central Texas, I worried about her drive back to Austin on Monday.


I would love to post photos of us from the prom but to respect her privacy, I won't do that.  Down the road, maybe.  I'll ask her when she might feel comfortable with me doing that.  She did let me post them to my Facebook page, so if you're a FB friend, you can see them there.