I am so proud of myself. All my life I have been scared of a weed eater. I will move but when it comes to using the weed eater forget it!

I am not a fan of yard work in the first place but weed eating I just couldn't do. My yard needed to be done so the guys can come and do the dirt work so we can put the pull in. I was going to have my yard guy come and do the yard but I lost his number, I lose everything by the way.

So last I just decided I would get out there and do it! I called my step dad, who walked me through restringing the weed eater and I did it! I had tried to start it once before and couldn't do it. Not only did I get it started but I used it too!

I know it sounds silly but the weed eater was a fear of mine, now I can't wait to do it again.

Do you have any silly fears?