During my short little mini vacation I got to see Kenny Chesney , do some shopping, eat at my favorite place and go to my very first NBA game. I went to see the San Antonio Spurs take on the Atlanta Hawks.

It was fun. I don't always watch basketball all the time on TV but I am a Spurs fan, not like I am a Dallas Cowboys fan but still a fan.

My friends and I were in San Antonio and the Spurs were in town so we decided to go. Since it was so last minute we just bought cheap seats. Little did I know, how high these seats were. They were at the top of the ATT Center. If any of you know me I am deathly afraid of heights.

I was so scared as I was walking up to my seat. I could feel the stairs getting steeper and steeper, and the air getting thicker. I even tripped going up the stairs I was so scared. I finally got to my seat and couldn't breathe. I was sweating. I finally got used to being up that high and it was time to climb down. I was once again I was scared to death of climbing down.

I finally made it down in one piece. LOL. Watched the rest of the game from the Fan Zone. It was a great time. Live professional sports are great.