You all know I am obsessed with alligators and know that I love " Swamp People." "Swamp People" is on hiatus right now, with a new season set to start soon, but for now  I have become a huge fan of "Gator Boys."

Since I was little I have always been fascinated with alligators. I remember going to the pet store when it used to be in the mall and looking at the alligators. They used to sell Cayman alligators, they were $225 and I thought I would save my money to buy one. Of  course my mom would never let me get one, that was a smart move on her part.  When I was in high school my grandparents took me to an alligator farm. My family knew the owners so we got an up close tour. They took us into the area where they kept the biggest alligator in captivity in Texas, his name was Big Al. The owner fed him while we were in the pin with him and just hear him swallow was amazing. Then we got to go gator fishing,which consisted of us tying a piece of meat to a string that was connected to a long cane pole. We stood on a deck and held the string over the water and the gators would jump up and take the piece of meat.

Now that I am older I am still obsessed with alligators. I want to go on an air boat tour of the swamp some time in my life. But for now I settle with watching alligator shows. Swamp People of course and now Gator boys.

Swamp People is about people who catch, kill, and sell alligators. Gator Boys is about rescuing and preserving alligators and they even gator wrestle. Watch a couple of clips below and see why I love it.