This afternoon I finally went to the movies to see "The Butler." It is a good movie! It is definitely worth seeing. I was amazed at how one man could say so much with out saying anything at all.  I saw the previews and thought that looks like a good movie, but I had no idea it was based on a true story.

Cecil Gaines, a man who served as a butler at the White House through eight different presidents, is the focus of the story. The story is about a young slave boy who was taught to be a butler, left home to be free. He worked his way up and was eventually called to work at the White House.

The movie features an all star cast, Forrest Whitaker, Oprah Winfrey,John Cusak,Robin Williams, Terrance Howard, Cuba Gooding Jr.

It is so hard for us today to fathom the racial discrimination that people went through back then.

It is movie worth watching. It is a movie that definitely makes you think about how far we have come as a country.