So l spent last Thursday hanging out at home.  About 6pm, I went into the guest room to get a CD.  I noticed something wrong immediately.  As I walked on the carpet...squish, squish, squish!


First, I blamed the cats.  But as I knelt down and started feeling around, there was too much water spread over too far an area for it to have been the cats.  I called a friend, whose husband is a plumber.  He came over right away, checked my water meter, which was fine.  Then he said "let me see your air conditioner."  Turns out, the drain that the AC condensation drains into was clogged and water was everywhere.


After he unclogged the drain, I called a company that specializes in floods.  They brought out the fans.


The crazy thing is, on Tuesday, the first day of my staycation, I had called the carpet cleaners to come shampoo that very carpet!  Ugh!


But the plus side is, I was at home when it happened and was able to get someone to get to it right away.  Had I been away on my vacation?  Well, I don't want to even think about that!