Last week, I told you about the disasters with my pool and breaking my garage door. You how people say it can't get any worse, well......

I thought I was back on track!Insurance is supposed to cover my garage door.  My friend found someone to come and level my yard but they couldn't come until the weekend, that's ok! I took my pool back and got a smaller one, so I thought I had fixed my problems. Nope it was just the beginning.

Saturday, I threw away my debit card. Luckily it was my temporary one and my new one was in the mailbox. Sunday i dropped my laptop, only to break the part where the power plug goes into.  I took it to best buy and they tell me its fixable but I will have to send it off.

Then yesterday, I went home after running some errands to find that my microwave was a no go! It would turn on and the timer will work but there is no fire on the inside. So now I get to buy a new microwave.

I guess when it rains it pours!

Fernando Camino /gettyimages