Earlier today I was looking for a YouTube video and this advertisement for Poo-Pourri popped up. At first I thought this must be a joke, so I continued to watch the whole thing.

First of all I shocked and humored by their verbage. I could not believe this was a real product.

I know many people who are not afraid to handle their business in public or anywhere else. I also know their are people who are only comfortable going in their homes or a place that is comfortable to them.

Nothing is worse than walking into a bathroom that someone has just stunk up to high heaven and most air fresheners actually make the smell worse. You end up with a stench of cheap flowers and poo.

I have now found the answer rid the embarrassment of public pooing. It's call Poo-Pourri. You are supposed to spray the water before you go so when your poo hits the the smell is trapped by the oil based film.

Watch the video for full information.

I actually ordered some Poo-Pourri to see if it works. I am going to try it out on some people here at work, because they are not afraid to drop their business. LOL

As I was writing this one of the guys here in office just informed me he has a friend who swears by Poo-Pourri. I will let you all know how it goes.