New Decor makes everything nice! When I moved into my new office it was very drab. Nothing on the walls, it was cold and empty. The only thing I had to hang on my walls was my picture of Tony Romo and I.  Not that, that wouldn't have been good enough but I needed more. I have very awesome and talented friend Kim who can make, paint and design anything. I was in her shop one day and I was looking around and new I had to have this guitar. So now I have new piece to hang on the wall. She doesn't know it yet but I have new piece I have to get her to make  for me. I am so thankful to have talented artistic friends. If it came to me drawing or painting something other than a flat wall I would be in trouble.

Some of you have heard me talk about Gator Annie who hangs in the studio with me so I don't get lonely. Kim made her too! Then when I needed a new cross for my cross wall in my house, she customized one for the things that I like.  So thankfull for my friend Kim at Happy Everything for keeping me dectorated.