Two or three times a year, I meet up with a buddy from Hobbs to play golf.  We usually meet in the middle and play the nine hole course in Kermit.
Now when I say "play golf," what I really mean is we drink beer and dig trenches with our irons.  A recent weekend provided one of those kind of days out on the links.
I remembered the drinks, but forgot to bring cash.  So I had to go back into town and hit the ATM to pay for the green fees (he rented the golf cart, I paid for the fees).  Then I realized I had no golf balls.  Being too proud to accept his charity, I found three balls from the practice range.  Using range balls?!?  In golf, that's really ghetto!  But that's all I had.
On the third hole, I landed in the sand trap.  Out came my trusty wedge.  I chipped onto the green and away we went. A little later and a few drinks more, I hit it close to the green.  Just close enough for a nice chip in for par.  I reach into my bag for the's not there.  What?!  We drive back to the third hole where I forgot it.  It's nowhere to be found.
No worries, I borrow his wedge the rest of the game.  At least I'm not using his putter the entire game.  Yeah, that happened the first time we played, when I had forgotten my putter.
We make the turn and decide to play the nine holes again.  I'm into the game and feeling pretty good about my golfing skills.  I had double-bogeyed every hole but what the heck!  The beautiful day and cold beer made up for what my driving and putting skills lacked!
The final nine holes went pretty well. Toward the end of the course, there's a hole on that Kermit course with a water hazard.  No big deal!  I hit over that hazard the first time around.  I hit that ball and heard a loud SPLASH!   My buddy and I both raised our arms in victory!  I still had two more range balls and one more beer.  We finished out the course.  Then came the phone calls to our better halves.  I may have had a driver in my bag but I was pretty bagged myself and needed a designated driver.
As for my missing wedge, I replaced it with a 95 cent wedge I found at a consignment store, downtown in Midland.
However, I'm not sure the country club is ready for us to return any time soon.