Yesterday I was summoned to jury duty, it's something we all have to do it's not that big of deal. Does it sometimes mess with our schedules, yet it does. Is it fun to go sit down in the courthouse, no it's not. But it is one thing, the thing you don't skip out on!

The funny thing is, if more people show up, the less likely you are to get picked. If you have heard the news or even here on your radio's talk about Midland County cracking down on people who skip out of jury duty.

The judge asked us to spread the world about the consequences of skipping jury duty, so this is what I am doing.

If you skip jury duty, Midland County is longer taking it lightly! You could be held in contempt of court and fined or even face jail time. Last Friday 88 people were held in contempt and fined.  Remember that the next time you want to skip jury duty.