I'm bored with country award shows. They seem to be less about awards now, and more about more obvious, "cooler" stars than what we have in country music.

Is country not cool enough? Do we really not have anyone big enough like Garth Brooks and George Strait, or Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton to close out the show? We have to have Stevie Wonder?

One of my favorite moments last night was when Miranda teared up while talking about her dreams coming true by seeing Faith and Reba and Shania all there singing. Everyone talks about their country roots, but everyone is knocking each other over to get Nelly or LL Cool J on their record, instead of George, or Garth, or someone who's more authentically country.

What are these artists doing? Again, is country not cool enough? Is the name of the game to be further "out there" so you will be considered a real artist?

I loved my country music growing up. I can't even recognize it on country award shows now. Wow.

How do you feel about the ACMs last night?

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