Isn't it hard to think how people can hurt animals? I saw this video today and I wanted to share it.

I love dogs! A while back I introduced you to my little buddy Baxter. I also asked you to send pictures of some of your pets to me so I could share them on my blog. Take a look below of some of the adorable pets that were sent in!

I love animals, and I hope this blog makes you smile today. See ya on the radio tonight!

A listener named Becca Brown sent in the first set of pictures. She wrote, "Gryffin is the German shepherd. The kitty is Pepper. The Doberman is Zeus. The border collie is Beyonce McGuffin."

Nancy Warburton sent in this next one, writing, "This is my baby Pepper. She will be 9 this June and always greets us at the door with a toy. It's not for us. She's just so excited that she has to carry a toy! She's a boxer/pit mix and so very sweet. Don't know what I'd do without her!!"

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