I'm sitting here watching the coverage of the Boston Marathon explosions with such a heavy heart. It seems it's almost the norm now when you turn on the TV -- we see so many people hurt, killed or shocked by these terrorizing acts.

Why can't we take all of these crazy people and lock them up? Why can't we all be more diligent about our surroundings? Has this world we live in now been made so politically correct that if we see someone who looks like they're making a bomb in front of our eyes, we have to ignore them because we don't want to hurt their feelings? Do people not understand that every time something like this happens, families are hurt and changed forever?

The problem is not the guns, the gun powder, the knives, the razor blades, etc. -- it's the crazy people who will do and use whatever they can to inflict harm on whomever they can because they're crazy. If we want to point fingers and blame something or someone, we need to look in the mirror.

Look at some of the people who have caused major harm in the past. Are you going to tell me we didn't know they were crazy? No, not all of these people can be identified by looks alone, but also by actions. You can't judge a book by its cover -- but if you're around every time that book opens a little and you can see its contents, don't ignore it.

I can guarantee you that someone saw something that was out of place in Boston, but didn't say anything. We have to start talking about this and prevent this from happening to us.

I'm in constant prayer today for all of those affected by this horrible tragedy.

Jeremy Robinson is the host of Taste of Country Nights, a syndicated radio show that airs on 41 stations across the United States on weeknights. Radio has been his life since the age of nine, when he “hosted” a show out of his bedroom. After almost 16 years on the air, country music isn’t just his job — it’s also his passion.