The Old School Blow Out featuring Vanilla Ice and Naughty By Nature is just a few weeks away and I have been able to reserve some tickets and tables for LoneStar 92 listeners only.

Beginning tomorrow and Thursday only LoneStar 92 listeners will have a chance to purchase these LoneStar 92 only tickets and tables. I have been able to reserve 100 tickets and 10 tables that will be held for my people only.

So here's the deal beginning tomorrow morning you can get your tickets and tables HERE or you can join us live at Happy Everything in Odessa on Thursday from 11-1pm!

Happy Everything is located in Odessa off of Andrews Hwy, and VFW Lane. We will be there live from 11-1pm on Thursday. While we are there, we will have great giveaways from Happy Everything, and everyone who stops by is registered to win a pair of ticket to the Old School Blow Out!

Remember this only lasts Wednesday and Thursday!