To me one of the most horrible things you can have in your house is a mouse. They are scary and a menace. Plus they get into everything and make a mess.

One week ago Sunday I was getting ready for work and I was walking in to the kitchen when I was mdet by Mr. Mouse. I started screaming, he was trying to scatter, and we were both trying to get away from each other.

I finished with getting ready and immediately went to the store to buy mouse traps. I don't like the snap ones, they scare me, I tried the ones with the little door and had no luck, so I have always been a fan of the glue traps.

I got my traps and came back home and set four of them. After a week of not seeing Mr. Mouse I thought maybe he was gone, so I threw out the traps.

This Sunday my parents and I were here at my house and guess who made an appearance? None other than Mr. Mouse.  So we set two more traps this time with chocolate on them. By 7 pm last night we had finally caught Mr. Mouse.

I can now go back to walking around my house normally.