Since today is Reba's birthday I thought I would share this moment with everyone. I have been a Reba fan since I can remember. I always wanted to sing like Reba and I always wanted to be beautiful like Reba.

When I was young about eight or nine by mom signed me up for the Reba fan club and I got a Christmas card in the mail from her and it was signed and I thought she had really signed it.

I got to go to a fan club meet and greet one time, which was just Reba standing in room saying thanking for  being a fan. But later in life I finally got to meet her.

Yes! She was performing with George Strait in Lubbock and my boss at the time got us meet and greet passes and I was on cloud nine. I was a little sad because it so fast. She did the meet greet right after her show and it was truly smile for the camera and be on your way. But that was ok! I can say I met her!

I will give a piece of advice don't ever take me to a Reba concert! You might be embarrassed! I will sing every song at the top of my lungs and act like I am the only one in the room!

Happy Birthday! I hope I am as rockin as you are at 61!