I totally 100% do not like do not like going to the grocery store! I try to put it off as much as I can. Today was a day I could not put it off any longer.

After the game today I went to the store, I was already broken hearted due to the outcome of the game. Well as most of you know I am a die hard Romo fan, there for my only jersey is a #9 jersey. I was reluctant to wear my jersey but the store offers a discount on game days with your jersey. I put it on any way and went.

I was walking the isles minding my own business trying get my groceries, when and older gentleman walked by and started making fun of me. He asked me if I knew whose jersey I was wearing and why was I wearing it. My heart was already bruised because of the out come of the game and now I am being made fun of in the store. LOL I just laughed with the man and went on my way. But the jokes didn't stop there.

I was finally done in the store and was putting the groceries in my car when someone drove by and yelled "Go change your shirt, take that off." I just smiled once again.

I am and will always be a Tony Romo fan, but today I was just trying to get my discount.