I am a very nostalgic person and it is very hard for me to let go of things. Sometimes my say I can be a bit of a hoarder.

When I was in high school I was blessed with the gift of a car. I kept that car for 8 years and then it was time to buy another car. So I did! I bought my very first car, it was a GMC Envoy. I paid that car off and I was so proud. It was mine I owned it free and clear.

I swore I was going to keep it until the wheels fell off but the time has come to say goodbye. It was time. I have been wanting a new car for some time now.

Last Saturday when I was at Platinum Motors there it sat, my new car. I am the type of person I don't like to have to make hard decisions and especially don't like making a big decision like buying a car. I have always said when the time came along God would bring the right one at the right time. He did that with the Envoy. It was the perfect car for the perfect time.

One more time God answered my prayer. He placed this car right in front of me and gave me the right people to do business with.

I thank the Lord for the blessing he has given me and thank the guys at Platinum Motors for being so great to work with.



It's sad but I had to say my goodbyes to the Envoy! It truly has been a great car!