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How Every Cowboy’s Fan Must Feel This Morning
If you are like me you are at your wits end with these Dallas Cowboys, not understanding what is going on with them. Comedian Josh Pray, I think sums it up best.
I think this is how all Cowboys fans are feeling right now.
$3 Domino’s Pizzas Are Back
Today is "Giving Tuesday!" Friday was Black Friday, Monday was Cyber Monday, and Today is giving Tuesday.
Today is a day to give to back to your community, your schools, churches or your favorite organization. Domino's Pizza is giving to by giving you $3 medium cheese and peppe…
Cody Johnson To Return To The Midland County Horseshoe
The first ever music act to sell out the Midland County Horseshoe Amphitheater , Cody Johnson returns to the Horseshoe Amphitheater, April 17th.
The CMA nominee will return the Midland County Horseshoe Amphitheater Friday April 17th, 2020...
Man Rides Horse Into The Rusty Bucket In Midland
This give a whole new meaning to "whiskey for my men, beer for my horses. This guy took it literally.
Last night at the Rusty Bucket BBQ and Tavern, a local man just rode right in, literally.  The only said he was sitting at the back and heard something going on...

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