Everyone thinks they can pass a sobriety test, especially when they have been drinking. This weekend at the Permian Basin Health Fair, I tried for myself.

Stop DWI, an organization established to stop drunk driving had a booth set up at the health fair to show exactly what happens when you have had too much to drunk or are under the influence of a substance.

The first test I tried was under the influence of marijuana. I have never smoked marijuana so I did not know what to expect. Everything was in slow motion and in the color test I was color blind. That was weird.

When it came time to walk the line, I failed miserably. I had no control over my balance, my vision was distorted and I definitely couldn't keep my arms at my side. The only thing I did do correctly was count to nine.

Needless to say if this had been for real, I would have gotten silver bracelets and been sent to the pokey.