According to many out media outlets, including Fox News, they are reporting that Phil Robertson's suspension has been lifted.

In a statement from A&E:

“While Phil's comments made in the (GQ) interview reflect his personal views based on his own beliefs, and his own personal journey, he and his family have publicly stated they regret the ‘coarse language’ he used and the misinterpretation of his core beliefs based only on the article. He also made it clear he would ‘never incite or encourage hate.’"

The network added that “Duck Dynasty is not a show about one man's views. It resonates with a large audience ecause it is a show about family, a family that America has come to love. As you might have seen in many episodes, they come together to reflect and pray for unity, tolerance and forgiveness. These are three values that we at A&E Networks also feel strongly about.


And this my friends is the power of the almighty dollar! In my personal opinion they probably didn't want to lose the biggest money maker they have.

Do you agree with A&E decision?