We all have our favorite places we like to go and favorite places we will go out of the way for.

Pappadeaux's is my favorite place to eat. It is the perfect combination of cajun and seafood. If I am in the vicinity of a Pappadeaux's  I will find it and I will drive out of the way to eat there. If I am headed out of town I will plan a meal their during my vacation.  I will also drive out of the way to eat at a P.F Changs. and Rudy's BBQ.

My parents with go out of their way to eat at Underwood's. Underwood's is a BBQ place in Brownwood, TX that has been there since before I was born. I have to admit that I am a fan as well.


They have something very unique. They have orange potato salad. I love potato salad and I am very picky about it. But I love theirs.

Where will you go out of your to eat? What are some of your favorite places?