An overenthusiastic Blake Shelton fan caused a plane bound from Atlanta to Los Angeles to land in Albuquerque on Christmas Day after he inadvertently caused a mid-air commotion.

News station KWCH in Wichita, Kan. reports that the unidentified passenger was wearing headphones and singing Shelton's hit, 'Boys 'Round Here,' out loud, causing a passenger sitting in front of him to turn around and ask him to stop.

"I asked the gentlemen, sir what am I doing wrong?" the man who was singing says. "Can you tell me what I'm doing to you sir? All you have to do sir is talk to me about it."

He also said he felt that he was being racially profiled by the other passengers on the plane, particularly a woman who kept turning around to look at him.

"I simply asked her if I held my hands up and said I couldn't breathe, would you feel comfortable?" he states.

That reference to the Eric Garner incident in New York City that touched off waves of protests around the country worried some of the other passengers, and as the incident escalated, the unidentified passenger became so upset that he visited the bathroom several times, which he says was so that the other fliers would not see him crying. A short time later, the crew announced the flight was being diverted to Albuquerque.

The Shelton karaoke singer was not arrested or charged, and was able to resume his trip to Los Angeles after purchasing another ticket from a different airline.

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