The Texas Department of Transportation has many safety campaings, Don't Drink and Drive, Don't Text and Drive, Click It or Ticket, and the next one may be Don't Pokemon Go and Drive.

Pokemon Go is a new game sweeping the nation that has people running everywhere chasing Pokemon and his friends. Although it many people getting active and getting out and bout, it is getting dangerous for some. People are getting so caught up they are running into things, falling into ponds and even crashing their cars.

TxDOT is having just as much fun but they you to be careful as well.

Y’all. Please don’t make us have to create a campaign called “Don’tPokemon-Go and Drive.” We know you have to catch them all, but only look for Pokemon when you are not behind the wheel. Also, don't stop traffic just for PokeStops, and don't cross the street without paying attention. ‪#‎WeShouldntHaveToTellYouThis‬ ‪#‎TalkTextCrash‬ ‪#‎PokemonGo‬   TxDOT