"The Big Game," this year has been all about Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis. Some don't think he deserves all the hype and some people do.

We all know that Ray Lewis has a troubled past. He was involved in a double murder, been married numerous times, but who doesn't have a past. If we judged everyone on their past there might not be a whole lot of wonderful people in this world.

Ray is man who seems to have turned his life around. Instead of being out there causing trouble he is out trying to uplift lives. He is a man that has said to have given his life to the Lord and worked hard to change his image. He is the leader of his team and seems the be the rock the forges the way.

I think life is all about learning from your mistakes and trying to do things different as you go forward.

All the media attention has been on Ray Lewis, one because of his past, and two, because he is retiring. What a way to end a career, in the biggest game of your sport.