Why do we get sucked in to reality tv. I am the worst one. I watch so many "reality shows," The Kardashians, Big Brother, Jersey Shore, and more. Normally after I have watched each one, each week, I ask myself, why did I just sit through that. In most cases these shows are scripted and plotted. They are not even real. But every week I tune in. I think I have an addiction to drama. LOL! I guess it makes the drama in our "real" lives seem not real for 60 minutes. Or maybe the fact we get to imagine a fantasy lifestyle for a short time. Each week we live for the next twist and turn. I myself and I know some of you have even auditioned for one show or another.  I think deep down inside at some point in our lives we would love to live the celebrity life style. Even if it is only for a short time. I have a great life and wouldn't trade it for anything...... ok maybe I would for my 15 minutes of fame and ton of money. LOL