Reba McEntire has officially accepted her numerous challenges! The iconic singer got wet for the Ice Bucket Challenge, as did Canadian songstress, Shania Twain, making for two fun videos we never thought we'd see.

McEntire stands in what appears to be her backyard, her red hair pulled back as she holds a trashcan full of ice cold water. She begins the video by introducing herself -- as if she needs the introduction -- saying she's accepting the ALS challenge from Autumn McEntire, Brandy Clark and Wynonna Judd.

Before dumping the water all over herself, McEntire passed the challenge along to a few more ladies: Faith Hill, Miranda Lambert, Kelly Clarkson and Melissa Peterman.

"I'm challenging all you gals, alright?" the legend says before dumping the trashcan full of water all over herself. She adds, laughing, "I hope y'all are happy."

Twain also made good on a challenge from Backstreet Boy Kevin Richardson. In the video, the singer is seen standing on a balcony in black yoga pants and a grey hoodie as she accepts her challenge and passes it on to Pink, Lionel Richie and John Travolta. She keeps her sunglasses on and her long hair down for the Ice Bucket Challenge, squealing as the pours the contents of the big white bucket all over herself. The water just keeps coming, and Twain keeps gasping for air as the icy cold water hits her body. Watch below!

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