In the months since Joey Feek died, her husband, Rory, has been keeping his blog updated, as he did throughout the heart-wrenching journey of her illness. His most recent post shares a glimpse into his life in a new chapter, without Joey by his side, trying to remember the person she was before she became sick.

Feek writes that he had been struggling to re-capture the memories of the Joey he fell in love with years ago, the one "alive and in full bloom," blocked by the more ghastly memories of recent months of Joey without her hair and too weak to even hold the couple's daughter Indiana.

"I couldn’t remember Joey before that time. I could not remember her alive. All of the pictures on our mantle and music videos online seemed like something from a photo album. Ours I guess. But long ago,” he writes.

In 2014, for no real reason, Rory was compelled to start filming their day-to-day life — nothing special, just the everyday moments raising their daughter, planting a garden and living normally, before the cancer came.

"Joey and I believed that God was going to give us a great story, and we wanted to film it, so we could look back and remember that year," he says. "We thought the story was going to be about taking time off from our music careers. About homesteading and growing a community garden with our neighbors. And about having a new baby and raising her. Yes, those things are part of the story, but there was so much more that happened. So, so much more."

Rory says there he found his wife again — the person he knew, the one he wanted to remember — when he finally got the courage to watch the footage recently.

"In full-color on the big screen of my iMac, Joey became alive again … filled with love and joy and hope and passion for me and for the life God had given us," he continues.

The singer even shared a portion of the footage that shows Joey giving him a haircut a week or two after Indiana’s birth in 2014, which he says both makes him cry and laugh. "It’s a moment in time, that stands still. A moment that remains, even though time has moved on,” he says.

"Life was perfect that day. So was Joey," he adds. "Completely unaware of the difficult news that was in store for her in just a few weeks, and the beautiful, tragic end that would come 18 months later. And unaware also that her story would be shared and followed by millions of people who would love and pray for her and for us."

"It’s a moment in time, that stands still."

Read more of the touching post on Rory's blog, This Life I Live.

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