When Australian singer/songwriter Russell Morris releases an album, there's always a good story to go along with it; that's especially true of his 2012 blues album Sharkmouth, which Morris released in the U.S. for the first time on Sept. 30. To celebrate the project's recent release, Morris is giving readers of The Boot an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at making of the record: Fans can learn the tales behind Sharkmouth and its unique exploration into Australia's history. The following is Part Three of the four-part series.

When Russell Morris began writing and recording for Sharkmouth, he knew that he wanted the experience to be as collaborative as possible. And so, surrounded by stellar songwriters and some of the best blues musicians in the world, he began the process of creating his history-based album, with a team of people adding their talents.

As far as the music itself goes, Morris was the vision behind all of the tracks on Sharkmouth -- and his ultimate goal was to make every song the best it could be ... even if that meant that he wasn't the lead guitarist on every song. When his friend and fellow guitar player, Shannon Bourne, came to the studio to provide backing guitar on some tracks, he actually wound up taking the lead!

"Shannon just made it talk more," Morris explains. "I played correctly, but Shannon played similar things to what I was playing but not similar ... I bowed to a great talent and just said, 'Shannon, you play the rhythm. I'm not gonna play anymore.'"

Of course, Morris still contributed to his own album in a big way, whether musically or in the performing or songwriting.

""The Bridge" was a song that I wrote with a friend of mine who is a journalist," remembers Morris. "He wrote me a whole bunch of words, and it was like reading a piece in the paper ... So I tore sections out of it and put other sections in to make it a bit more poetic."

Readers can press play above to learn more about the collaborations behind Morris' roots-inspired blues album Sharkmouth.

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