Keith Urban has a lot on his plate, thanks to his career and a wife and two daughters at home. Even with his new gig as an 'American Idol' judge, which may or not be fatiguing the country superstar due to onset drama, Urban is not forgetting what is most important or priority No. 1 and that's his music.

The singer shared a photo of himself in the studio, cradling an instrument and wearing a big ol' smile. Doesn't this studio look cozy? It appears to be quite an inviting space to make music, and has a rustic, country feel, judging from the looks of this photo. But it's the smile that dominates the singer's face that makes us think that he is so comfortable in this atmosphere and engaging in this activity.

Urban posted the photo on Twitter, captioning the image: "Ending the week in the studio! Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!! –KU"

It's certainly refreshing to see the singer working on music and looking happy while doing so. He's so polite, too, taking the time to wish all of his fans well during the weekend. No wonder he is one of the most popular stars in the country genre.

We can't wait to hear some new Keith Urban tunes, and the fruits of his studio labor.