Father's Day is just around the corner and you all have sent some amazing pictures of what your dad likes to do best!

Gwen will be announcing the winner so be sure to listen to LoneStar 92 in the morning to hear if you've won!


  • Chris Jackson

    Chris Jackson
  • Bradley Long

    Bradley Long
  • Gilbert Valenzuela

    Gilbert Valenzuela
  • Jake Elliott

    Jake Elliott
  • Jeffrey Shults

    Jeffrey Shults
  • Mike Graham

    Mike Graham
  • Roy Folmer

    Roy Folmer
  • Shot Branham

    Shot Branham
  • V.J. Snyder

    V.J. Snyder
  • Jerry Crawford

    Jerry Crawford
  • Aaron Chavez

    Aaron Chavez
  • Jarrett Conner

    Jarrett Conner
  • Cesar Mejia

    Cesar Mejia
  • Isaac Payen

    Isaac Payen
  • Keith Nelson

    Keith Nelson
  • Ralph Olson

    Ralph Olson
  • Sean Scott

    Sean Scott
  • Top Hale

    Top Hale
  • Andres Serrano

    Andres Serrano
  • Billy Van Zandt

    Billy Van Zandt
  • Buddy Webber

    Buddy Webber
  • Danny Hardee

    Danny Hardee
  • Dustin Carpenter

    Dustin Carpenter
  • Jeff Daniels

    Jeff Daniels
  • Jim Richards

    Jim Richards
  • Jon Phillips

    Jon Phillips
  • Joseph Green

    Joseph Green
  • Kelly Adams

    Kelly Adams
  • Landon Graham

    Landon Graham
  • Mike Merrill

    Mike Merrill
  • Orlando Guerrero

    Orlando Guerrero
  • Philip Cline

    Philip Cline
  • Rod Stonedale

    Rod Stonedale
  • Ronald Gentry

    Ronald Gentry
  • Steven Casanova

    Steven Casanova
  • Terry Mitchell

    Terry Mitchell
  • Wade Claybrook

    Wade Claybrook