This Sunday kicks off one the biggest weeks in television and I am not talking about the start of the NFL season, I'm talking about Shark Week on the Discovery Channel. I can honestly tell you I don't ever watch the Discovery Channel but for one week out of the year, I am glued to the Discovery Channel.

During "Shark Week" it's always fun to learn new and interesting facts expect for the one I learned last year. Last year, while watching "Shark Week," I learned that the previous summer had been swimming in the shark bite capital of the world. Yes, that's right!

A couple of years ago a friend of mine took a few of us to visit Florida and places she used to hang out, New Symrna Beach was one of them. We were getting manicures and pedicures and the ladies asked us what we would be doing while visiting and we told them about the beach. They kind of warned us by saying "if you saw an areal view of the beach you wouldn't swim in it." We didn't really think anything of it, our friend told us, we were safe. Luck for us everything came out fine.

But, you can bet I was surely stunned to find out where I had been swimming! Thank the good Lord, I did not have a shark encounter! Have you ever had a shark encounter?