They always say there is the perfect time of the year to purchase certain things, here is your guide to shopping in October. Here are the five best and the five worst things to buy this month.

Things to buy:

1. A new car! Dealerships start to receive the new model cars and look to move out the current years cars.

2. Cruise Tickets! October is a cheaper month to take a cruise due to the unpredictable weather.

3. IPads! Apple is looking to release a new IPad so the current one's should go down about 20%.

4.Camping gear! That one is simple, it's not camping season anymore!

5. Pizza! Pizza companies tend to have the best coupons in October!

The five worst things to buy this month are:


2. Cold Weather Clothing




All of these items will be on sale next month for Black Friday.


(DealNews/Business Insider)