In celebration of Super Bowl 50 the Pro Football Hall of Fame has put together a "Golden Team," that is built on historic players from past Super Bowl's! The team consists of top performing players at each position in Super Bowl history.

As a Dallas Cowboys, we are proud to celebrate the election of six Dallas Cowboys players, Emmit Smith, Troy Aikman, Larry Allen, Charles Hailey, Randy White, Deon Sanders, and Jay Novacek.

Five of the six are all members of the Pro Football Hall of Fall and one will be! Emmit Smith holds the record for rushing TD's in a Super Bowl and Troy Aikman speaks for himself. All but one, Randy White, played on the 90's Super Bowl teams and Deon Sanders played in one with Cowboys and one with the 49er's.

All though the Cowboys had six players make the team, the Pittsburgh had the most with eight players.

Jeff Gross, Getty Images